How to Win the Spiritual Wrestling Match

We wrestle not with flesh and blood.

Wrestling is an intense physical activity of struggle that involves two or more people grappling with each other. It’s up close, intense, and very personal. It requires the use of every muscle and every faculty of the body from our head to our toes.

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world, with references to it dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. It is done for recreation, competition, or self-defense. It requires sharp and quick thinking and reaction, agility, strength, endurance, and a strong determination to win.

It requires the simultaneous use of our feet, toes, hands, arms, legs, brain, and breath. From head to toe and with every muscle, we wrestle.

The match does not end and is not over, until one of the competitors is pinned and can no longer move. It is not like a boxing match where we can step back and contemplate our next punch at each other. No, wrestling is when the opponent rushes toward you and grabs your body to take you down.

Our spiritual battles are like wrestling matches. Very up-close and intense body contact and entanglement between you and your opponent(s); even your skin is touching each other’s. Wrestling is a battle that requires every bit of our energy, and everything we’ve got. It is not a battle of brawn but one of will and endurance.

A spiritual battle is one that is not against human flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil. It takes place in the heart and in the mind and affects our body. We must wrestle with the rulers of darkness and never give up, but give it all we’ve got.

They need you; you don’t need them.

Know that we are eternal and our body is our vehicle for our spirit to move around in. Evil spirits or demons and principalities are disembodied spirits. Spirits without a body; “People” without a body.

They attack and wrestle with us because they want and need our body to be able to do their evil deeds. They need a tongue to curse and hurt others with because they don’t have one, so they want to use yOurs. They need a mouth to swallow their addictions with, and a body to carry out their lusts, hatreds, and greed.

It’s like owning and driving a car and you are the very precious cargo. We don’t lend out our car to someone unless we know and trust the person. So, why lend out our body to be used by a negative or dark spirit?

They’re users.

They will use a body like toilet paper, and then move onto the next generation of bodies. Because we are eternal, and so are they. Don’t lend them your mouth or hands or body for them to carry out their evil tasks. They’re so rude…

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