Ghosts and demons in the US.
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Has Science-Fiction Become Our New Reality?

Or is reality, science turned into fiction?

There’s Something Creepy About This House: Ghost Stories

In this science-fiction-type reality book, I have written the best way that I can, to express and relay the details and accounts of the spiritual warfare, demonic attacks, and supernatural or inter-dimensional beings and spirits that are currently dominating humanity.

Through trickery and deceit, these demons, devils, and evil spirits have ruled the minds and lives of humans for thousands of years – ever since mankind was formed.

Since (sense), it is other-worldly, a spirit world that lives among us, it is sometimes difficult to convey these things only in writing. but those who are going through such things, know what I am talking about.

The Battle is for Your Mind

Why is this important to you?

Because many of us today are faced with spiritual and psychic attacks and battles of the mind that lead us into chaos, confusion, deep depression, anxiety, addictions, suicide or suicidal thoughts, or just wishing we weren’t alive. It is not that we actually want to die, but we want to live life fully and in peace within our hearts, mind, soul, and body. Yet, our mind is one of the greatest rulers of our destiny; able to bring us into living a life of heaven or hell.

Jesus says, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Matthew 10:7

A heavenly life here on Earth is very possible, attainable, and within our reach, but Romans 8:7 states that the carnal mind is enmity with God, and not subject to the law of God. It does not submit, nor can it do so. Therefore, our thoughts and our mind remain a constant battlefield for spiritual warfare to continue. Therefore, we must control our minds and thoughts so that we can better control our lives.

How do we do that? Through Christ and the Word of God.

Even in the midst of conspiracies, demons, technology, wars, and false gods all battling for the control of people’s minds, we can overcome them all. “For we are more than conquerors in all these things.” Romans 8:37. That means that we not only overcome and are victorious, but that we are overwhelmingly victorious through Him who loves us.

“The Lord will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before your face; they shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways.” Deuteronomy 28:7

God lives in you, through you, and as you. His Word is written in our hearts and the Holy Spirit dwells within us. When we release God’s word into our situations even the devils must obey.

That’s what Satan and demons want to do; live in us and through us.

Lucifer said, “I will be like the Most High,” and therefore mimics and disguises God’s word and ways. Satan comes as an angel of light, to deceive us into lending our members to doing wickedness. These demons and spirits need your body members (your mouth, hands, thoughts and ideas) so that they may carry out their dirty deeds. Without a body, they can do nothing. They’re paper gangsters.

There is More Than Just Hope for Humans

The good news is, there is an undefeated victory that we can claim and hold over these psychic enemies.

With or without religion you can conquer your adversaries through Jesus who is the Messiah. You don’t have to have a religious background to be saved and delivered from demonic forces and influences in your life. All you have to do is believe and accept Christ as your savior. He is the only One who can truly set us free from demonic harassment and control over our life.

“And, he who the Son sets free, is free indeed.” John 8:36

Who are our adversaries?

Satan’s kingdom and those things that are opposing you, and what you want for your life. I’m not talking about money or riches – those things come and go. I’m talking about the things that bring fullness of life, joy, and harmony with others.

You may want be freed from fear, guilt, shame, or depression. Or maybe you wish to restore lost or failing health or relationships. To have freedom from curses, poverty, and lack or to feel better about yourself and who you are. To feel alive again and experience true feelings of love, joy, peace, and happiness.

Wake up and live!

You can have it all. We can have all this through Jesus who died and rose again for us. Conquering death and the grave and giving us an eternal life in glory.

Who is man, that God so loves and is mindful of him? Psalm 8:4
For He does not give help to the angels but to us. Hebrews 2:16

Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Transformation starts and takes place in the mind and therefore, the spiritual attacks and warfare are in the mind, and for the capturing of our mind. But we, “capture every thought and bring it into obedience to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5 Which brings us all victories.

Ghosts & Hauntings

The whole world; Hollywood, the gaming industry, movies and television, and social media all glamorize in some way revenge and darkness, demons, the paranormal, zombies, murder, strife, war, and fear. To some, the paranormal and ghostly encounters are just another sci-fi movie or a book for entertainment, but to others, it has become a common way of life. It is no longer just a science-fiction novel but is a reality, and a dreadful one.

In my book, There’s Something Creepy About This House, the stories are based on actual supernatural events that I’ve experienced over the years and was delivered from them all.

In the book I talk about:

  • Extraterrestrials or interdimensional beings that live among us every day, right in front of our eyes. Sensed but not seen or seen, but not recognized. Maybe one of them is inhabiting your closest friend or worse yet… your significant other or spouse.
  • Ghosts – Familiar spirits also living among us but mostly, not seen. They live in our houses and buildings.
  • Demons – “People without a body.” Unclean, evil spirits scattered abroad. They aren’t always what they’re made out to be. But when they do come around, you recognize them, most definitely.
  • Spirits – Supernatural spirits of angels, devils, and false gods, who roam free on Earth to war and wage battles with the human spirit; day and night.
There's Something Creepy About This House

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Enlightening Stories From out of the Darkness

I wrote the book to let others know who might be experiencing these things, that there is a way out and you can break free of this psychic and demonic harassment. The book isn’t for everyone, but for those who have found themselves in the midst of a spiritual battle you never knew was taking place, and seeking a way out.

“Ask, and you shall receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7

And when you seek, seek knowledge; and when you ask, ask for wisdom.

Next Week:

“When They Come to Eat Your Flesh” Psalm 27:2

We’re learning that some of these biblical scriptures may be literal. Leaving the people of faith asking, “If the fallen angels are bound, then, where do demons come from?” Are they personal, internal projections, or external entities?

There’s often talk about the spiritual battles taking place between demons and humans, but where do these spiritual beings come from? Next week, we will explore these questions. The answers we find may surprise you – It’s probably not what you think!

Some of us have never read a science-fiction book or even seen a science-fiction or fantasy movie but are still actively battling unseen fears, demons, and spirits.

Join me again next week to explore and expose the origin and nature of demons.

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