There's Something Creepy About This House: Ghost Stories Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, Paranormal, unsolved mysteries

There’s Something Creepy About This House: Ghost Stories

“Come on in…” Meet your creepy house guests.

Perfect for fans of true supernatural stories! Find out what may be hanging around your homes and neighborhoods.

There’s Something Creepy About This House artfully recounts real-life experiences with the hidden realms that lurk just out of sight.

  • Alien Abductions – Grays, Praying Mantis, and Shapeshifters
  • Meetings with the Dead – Messages from beyond the grave.

Don’t be afraid!

Take a spine-tingling journey into the hauntingly paranormal and supernatural with a selection of true-life ghost stories spanning over two decades.

Find out what maight be creeping around your neighborhoods!

From poltergeist and out-of-body experiences to demons, and visions of horror. These hand-picked tales are guaranteed to give you chills.

Over 15 creepy encounters packed into one book

True ghost stories

California, Montana, Nevada, and New Mexico

Four different US states and eight counties; there’s no place unoccupied by the spirits.

Recount a lifetime of psychic terror in these disturbing tales, taking place across the western United States.

Gripping, realistic, and devoid of rational explanation. This uncanny and eerie collection is a testament to the fact that there’s much more hiding out there than we care to admit.

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Keep track of your own nightmares before Christmas and ghostly encounters with a set.

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There's something creepy about this house: ghost stories by Donna Ellis
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