The Hobo Chronicles: A Journey of Self-discovery and Beating the Odds short stories

The Hobo Chronicles

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Beating the Odds

The Hobo Chronicles is a collection of short stories about life on the streets. The tales are all narrated by hobo-hero, Donna, who takes readers through her many adventures while living homeless and thankful for always getting out alive!

Along with this gripping narration, there are illustrations that help to put you in the story or add another layer of depth to it. Some people may find these tales disturbing or unsettling, but they’re written so well and with such heart that even if you don’t like them at first glance, your mind will be pulled back in for a second read.

A strange and light-hearted collection of true stories

These inspiring stories highlight the struggle and give hope to those still fighting for survival against all odds.

From spider ladies and gangs of thieving crows to mysterious plants and possible extra-terrestrials, this weird and wacky collection of real-life tales explores the hidden side of living outside. The homeless have a ton of crazy stories to tell because while everyone’s running to work or hiding behind their curtains of the night, the displaced are free to see what’s really going on out there!

Drawn from the author’s own experiences, these stories will touch your heart and make you question everything you knew about the cities you live in.

Bizarre, curious, and sometimes defying explanation, The Hobo Chronicles will have you scratching your head and wondering, “Did that really happen?”

Stories included:
• The Meat Market and The Spider-Lady
It turns out that being rejected from food lines might be a good thing, especially when those establishments harbor some not-so-friendly life forms.
• Plant People
Just like the Bible writes, plants are smarter than we think… and some of them might just be able to talk to us, too.
• Lost and Found
A strange tale of all the things you lose and gain when wandering the streets.
And many more…

Perfect for fans of light-hearted fun and some real-life stories that are almost too absurd to believe. The Hobo Chronicles gives you a fresh, unique, and memorable look at the unseen side of living day-to-day.

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